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Happy New Year to you all!

To start this new year I am proud to announce the release of X-bEnCh 0.8 Alpha.

You can download it on:

Please remember that this release is just an Alpha release. I've a lot of things that are not yet implemented but i've released it because the last release was from 2 month ago ... i'm still working on it and some new release may come realy sooner. Hope you will enjoy this release !

What's new ?

- Black lines closing effect added to the init logo.
- No more credits scroll text; now have a rotating text on the menu.
- New VBL sync more smoother.
- Fixed the repeat delay.
- 3d effect added to menu texts.
- New loading screen with a cool parallax effect.
- List name bug fixed.
- Now the listings fatters than 1920 files are working fines.
- Xsetup code heavily reworked.
- Startup tab added to the setup.
- Added the Del key switch option.
- Added an option to choose from where start Xbench (menu, launcher, cli)
- Fixed the ugly 3d effect in the setup.
- Many bugs fixs and various optimizations.
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