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Ok, here is a guide for ClassicWB that I use now. Seems to work both on real amiga and WinUAE.

In Workbench, click Run / Settings / ButtonMenu
Go to Project / Open
If you just scroll down, you should see the "Menus" drawer. If not, go to SYS:System/BMenu/Menus. Open file "BootMenu" and you should see the menu that pops up when you hold right mouse button on bootup.

Click "New Item":
Item Text: X-Bench (whatever you like)
DOS Command: C:Execute S:xbench-Sequence
(remember to hit enter after you type for it to "stick").
Select Project / Save

Open a Shell and type
copy CLIboot-sequence xbench-Sequence

ed xbench-Sequence
scroll to the bottow. Before the last "NewCLI" line, add (depending on path to xbench):

Cd SYS:Programs/Xb
C:Execute XbEnCH.exe

Leave the NewCLI line at the bottom if you like. That way you get a nice shell if you close Xbench at the cost of more memory usage. Remove it on low memory machines.

I'm sure you can modify your new xbench-Startup file to save more memory but this is a quick way to get it running. You can now restart and hold down the right mouse button and X-Bench should be in there.

Update: The "music: no" in settings is only the music in the launcher list. It does not effect main menu or config menu music. You'd think you could remove the .mod files in the "data" folder but then it does not start at all =)

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