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Originally Posted by vjkaos View Post
This is my Xbench startup-script:

; X-Bench Startup

C:SetPatch QUIET

Cd Work:Xb
Execute >NIL: XbEnCH.exe
Hope someone can help me clear this up...

I'm using classicWB so I just edit System:System/BMenu/Menus/BootMenu and add another entry for C:Execute S:xbench-Startup

S:xbench-Startup contains the quote above. I've also tried just CD'n and executing XbEnCH.exe in it.

When I try it (hold down right mouse), it crashes. Screen fades to black and .. crash.
Software failure Error: 8000 0004 Task: 0023FD48

If I run CLI startup, I can execute S:xbench-startup just fine and it starts.

What am I doing wrong here?

In workbench, I can start XbEnCH.exe fine as well. Its only when it has its own entry in the buttonmenu that it crashes.

edit: Works fine in the real amiga. Problem is only in WinUAE for some reason

Edit2: solved further down

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