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GB Trilogy

GB Trilogy is a new collection that is mainly based on Amiga games that can be installed on HardDisk with their installer or copied directly with or without specific assignments.
The name "Trilogy" is due to the fact that, more or less, for each Amiga games, the PC DOS version has been included (with eventual edition in CD-ROM and original disks) and also for Atari ST (also in this case I have tried those games installed on HardDisk, but they are few and so I opted for floppy games).
Some few Amiga games are, however, available on floppy ADF format because i have had some problem in installation.

In the database the Amiga AGA, PC and Atari ST games have extension "(DOS), (ST) and (AGA)", while all the others files are for Amiga OCS. These games start from 1982 to 2018.

For DOS and ST games there are no problems of startup, memory and configuration that is automatic. For the Amiga version the thing was more complicated because i have to recreate the game as it ran on the model taken into consideration. To facilitate the installation and the start of the game I set for the most ones 1 MB of Chip RAM and 512k of Slow Fast. It is not a binding thing since anyone can change these values ??to try and recreate a more faithful Amiga model.

For the games that are a bit slow I have already foreseen to create faster configurations and that you notice with the writing "FastCPU" in the left column. If you do not find anything it means that the configuration that I have chosen is more than fair and does not require additional acceleration.

In the Final version of this GameBase you find 2422 entries that includes (after update 58):
  • 1169 Amiga Games (AGA and OCS/ECS)
  • 149 AGA Games
  • 398 Atari ST Games
  • 793 DOS Games
  • 1165 Games with Extras
  • 1257 Games with No Extras
  • 116 CD-ROM Games (mainly DOS Games)
  • 2405 Screenshots
  • 2698 Extras

Promo video
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Some videos:
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Main Archive for the first 4 updates

A very big thanks to those people that help me in these months in installing many games on Amiga 500 Workbench 1.3. Thanks and again Thanks.

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