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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
Please make normal 4-channels Protracker mods.
Other options needs too many CPU power.
Simple 8bit stereo play need many CPU power, that's all? Please, you are doing a conversion for 10mb Amigas. Are you kidding me?

To be honest and trying to be polite, I personally dont see a point to do a HUGE work converting those marvellous midis to 500kb 4ch mod, doing the mixing and chopping thing to the samples. It will sound like ****, believe me o not. I respect the author about that and won't do it.

There are long pad instruments that will be cut everytime, and all the incredible atmosphere that songs requires will dissapear with a crappy module. So, I apologyze if I misunderstood your needs. I think your work deserves a half attention to the music (I havent ever heard such a good midi music from that era). Without it, (if you stay with the Protracker idea) It will be FAR worse than the PC version.

I hope you will find the solution soon. Good Luck!

PS: Please, I apologyze if my english is poor, rude or doesnt sound polite.
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