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I'm back with a new version !
Download link is the same as before.

See history inside for all changes. This is release 0.4.

My efforts concentrated on the smacker player. I hope the sound problems are gone - it's a pleasure to listen to Roland or Archibald talking, without words getting cut or even completely eaten (but your cpu has to be fast enough for this, obviously).
I had the surprise to find that the core video decoding was already done in asm, so there is little hope of making it a lot faster, even though i've been able to optimize it a bit. As a 50mhz '030 is able to play a smk at the "quick" (interlaced) setting without visible holes, it's already a good result anyway.

And sorry for the release delay. I was quite busy in other projects such as my custom DM and my port of the game Oids.
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