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Tutorial:- Setting up a 4gb CF HDD with Classic Workbench & WHDLoad for Amiga

Hi All,

I spent some time today creating a video tutorial for installing Classic Workbench with WHDload Games onto a 4gb CF card, it seems to be a commonly asked question for a guide (from start to finish) so here it is in video form!

This is intended to be the most basic steps to achieve the objective so that people returning to the scene can get up and running as easily and trouble free as possible

I didn't cover optimised file systems and large drives, etc as I didn't want the guide to be overly complex. Please allow yourself plenty of time if you plan to do the installation, the video it's self is over 30 minutes long and there were a lot of times the video was stopped for processes to complete. I would say to setup a drive and Classic Workbench from absolute scratch allow 1-2 hours depending on how many Games you want!

[ Show youtube player ]

The Video is still processing, it will be in HD once processing has finished. Lighting wasn't great so it is a little grainy in places but where you have to read text on screen it's fine

Anyway, I hope it helps some people who otherwise might have struggled


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