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Originally Posted by MrCheese View Post
Little bit of experience. I'm going to be guided by your forum posts. I'm at work at the mo, so it will be a few hours from now. Will have to dig out some originals and whip em through the Kyroflux. Any suggestions as to a good original to try?
If you're talking about copy-protected game disks, then any that are listed in the mfmparse/mfmparse_formats file should work well (although there can be various releases of any given game, with different protections in some cases, but you're somewhat unlikely to experience this).

The point is, you have to give mfmparse some guidance to analyse your disk dump. That is what the --format=blah option is all about -- you specify a name listed in the mfmparse_formats file, which lists all the disks that I've had time to check the format of.

If your disk is not listed, but you're lucky, you may find that the protection is something incredibly common, like Copylock. In which case specifying --format=amigados_copylock will work fine. You'll have to experiment a bit
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