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I didn't think of trying Cygwin! Yes, it was quite easy to do a basic port to Cygwin. You can now compile and run on cygwin as follows:
git clone
cd Amiga-Disk-Utilities
cd mfmparse ; ./mfmparse.exe -h
I haven't tried 'make install' on Cygwin. It probably won't do the right thing! Run it out of the build directory, as above.

Originally Posted by MrCheese View Post
Just a small update. I've got VMWare player installed and Ubuntu installed.
Cool, if you have any prior experience with Linux you shouldn't have too much trouble. I think this is the better option than Cygwin overall; neither way is exactly trivial to set up, but the VM gives you a 'proper' Linux environment. Whereas my Cygwin support is quite half hearted.

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