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I had 15.000 points in a benchmark test on my laptop with XP, but only got about 11.000 with Vista.... + had lots of troubles too, compatibility issues (1+ years ago now though, prolly alot of fixes for vista now). But it's still slow, I'm sure. I prefer everything fast, so you get the speed of the computer you PAY for . Also, one need some XP experience to make it the best possible.

For me it doesn't matter if WinUAE stop supporting XP, as I'm still using 1.3 . I only upgrade when needed, same with windows, same with every program I have.

Stable and fast is what I like :P

over and out....

edit, oh yeah... and it's sad every computer today comes with Vista, no matter if u want it or not (unless you buy parts and build it yourself. Luckily I had a copy of XP already form my old laptop, so I just installed over Vista :P, felt goooood.
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