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What i don't understand is why is the simple mathematical model invalid or unacceptable? The Amiga has DAR4:3 and 5:4 resolutions resulting in a PAR16:15 (or 640x512 -> 640x480 correction on square pixel/winuae). Everyone would scale the max CLI window (5:4) to a 4:3 display area on a real Amiga and that's what i would call the standard Amiga PAR 1.0666:1 as well.

There are ported games like bomberman that come from arcade machines or consoles with even more exotic PARs. These imported gfx are also completely wrong for Amiga displays. No one cared about it...

Regarding PPaint: To create a clean round circle on the Amiga you'd have to have (per definition) the same diameter/radius (distance) for x and y, right? To achieve that PPaint would need to compensate the non-square pixels. But it does not. Instead x and y have same pixelcount (for x and y) by different pixelsize so PPaint circles cannot be round by design on a typical Amiga environment.

Box size coords in top-right corner

Even if there is (technically) something like a reference signal (like the composite capture attempt) its meaningless since CRTs geometry wasn't static. That's why they put the geometry menu in the frontend of dedicated monitors.

Unless i'm somewhere completely wrong i'll drop the composite signal measurement. I don't think it leads to anything helpful.

If there was something intended by design than it was a 4:3 display. And that can be calced easily. My opinion...

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