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I did some more testing and measured the Amiga display aspect ratios as accurately as I could on my LCD monitor. Aspect-ratio set to 5:4 to compensate for my 5:4 LCD monitor. KAR disabled. All tests were done with a PAL screen with PAL circle and NTSC screen with NTSC circle. Initially WinUAE was in FS mode, I made the measurements and then without making any changes to the Amiga side I simply hit F12 and enabled Auto-Scale and made the measurements again. Results below. 4:3=1.3333, 5:4=1.25. The aspect ratio should be 1.333 for all four tests.

NTSC 1.326 (round circle)
PAL 1.235 (stretched circle)

NTSC 1.328 (round circle)
PAL 1.328 (round circle)

As you can see FS with PAL is the only one that has the wrong aspect ratio and wrong circle. There's a bug in FS PAL.
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