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Originally Posted by swinkamor12 View Post
If Doom ran bad on Your 386DX it means You have slow graphics card.
Yet another time, time and work where wasted on pathetic fight with dumb cost reduction at Commodore.
At 1992 Amiga should have chunky pixels in standard.
Time and work wasted on this crap may be better spend on making cheap graphics card for a500.
Which graphics card would you have recommended to play Doom on a 386 back in around 1993/94?

I dont recall seeing any advertised back then, not to say they didn't exist.

I did of course jump into GPU's later in the 90's but I was running a Pentium 200MMX by then, which handled Doom just fine without the 3DFX Banshee I later threw inside it.

I note 3dfx and the whole 3D GPU market emerged around 95?

Before that I thought the way to make things run faster, was all around CPU and RAM, and Maths co-processors.

It was a long time ago though. I could be wrong.
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