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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
The A1200 processor is clocked at 14 mhz . Yes, nobody said anything about faster processor, not even me.

First I don't even get why the obsession on porting games at all. I think the exercise to think about how to make it work is pretty interesting - but then it only make sense if you are talking about the old-school hardware. The more power you have, the easier is to do it, so there's not much "How would you face the task?" discussion. But actually doing them.... we can play those games using MAME, what's the point?
Why ? Because the 1200 lacks great port using his abilities.

Even with a 14mhz CPU, things are not that easy, and do not come for free.

Playing Mame is the coin-op and is one thing, the trick is to get the challenge to make the game on a computer that has 256 colors palette, but with restriction, and see what we can get from here.

Plus the 500 has been used to the maximum. Not the 1200.

That said, kudos for people doing it, and I can clearly see how fun can be porting a game, trying to get everything right, etc etc. But I personally think the fun part is exactly to make it work on the hardware most people had back at the time.
These days most of us own an A1200.

Any other than that, in MY MIND it makes no sense. Just port it for a PC then. Or better, stick with MAME. What's the point?
Port it to a PC ? nonsense. It would be the carbon copy of the coin-op.
And Mame emulates the original.

Clearly, i don't see the point of pulling hair out on A500 to run a game that will lose in the process its identity.

And none of us is paid to do that. in the 90's programmer were paid to cut hairs in half.

Now the claim "it cant be done with less than 64 colors" is ridiculous. I mean, Shinobi was ported to the CPC, C64, Spectrum, Atari ST, Amiga, Master System and NES, to say the least. None of those versions had 64 colors and not all of them look like shit.
the ST version look like shite, Amiga version the same. Why ? Because they forked the graphics with a frame grabber. Today, i can work out the arcade assets from the roms, so there's no point.

But in the end, is all up to people who are doing it. You want to make a Shinobi port that requires a Vampire and 128mb Ram? Go for it. I don't see the point, but if someone wants to do it, all power to you. But claiming "It can't be done on an A500" is really plain ridiculous. You just have to know how to deal with it. It's not impossible and obviously the Amiga could handle a better version than what we've got.
Simply look Rygar AGA. McGeezer uses the full 2mb of chip and it's a game made in 1986 ! the X68000 use the same amount of ram to run the arcade adaptation.

We won't pass 1 year and a half to klunck a coin-op game in a floppy disk machine like the A500.

But if you want to go 2 MB Aga-only... you are the one doing it, so you can do whatever you want.
AGA means 64 colors or more, bigger sprites, and more space for graphic frames.
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