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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
BC Kid isn't very hard, but needs some practice. I finished it back at the day, the boss rush at the last level gave me some trouble to beat as I remember. And Sensible Scocer... well, it's a soccer game

Everything else here is hard as nails. Super Cars, Cannon Fodder and Alien 3 in special are *VERY* tough games. No wonder you haven't beat any of them All of them are great games but very hard
Well there is plenty of time to work my way through them all again and discover a billion games I never played. Some other games I enjoyed and don't think I completed (but got quite far), Hunter, Prince of Persia, Desert Strike, Monkey Island, Death Mask (actually I completed that one), Wolfchild, Harlequin, Lionheart, Myth...…………...jeeezz so many!

@Crazyc so basically writing entire images onto CF cards will knacker them over a period of time?? And how likely is it I would need to do that?

Also hit a brick wall this evening, turns out that tutorial I have been following which has got me this far requires me to have a blank floppy for doing something on the actual amiga from the CF hard drive. I think I turn the disk into a workbench install disk. BUT I DON'T GOT NO FLOPPYS! So checking another tutorial out to see what way this guy has set up his.
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