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Originally Posted by Axxy View Post
What's a shop?
Good question. For one it used to be these places where I went to buy shoes. Now my feet aren't that small, but I never really had much trouble picking out a pair that I liked the looks of and they fit snuggly.

My last two attempts were infuriating. After having visited dozens of shops where they stocked a tiny amount of shoes in my size (all horrible and/or torture devices), I resorted to buying shoes online. I had them the next day, I was lucky that they fit well. I don't think I'll be trying another round in the shops the next time, what a waste of my time and patience.

Computer stuff... I can easily do all that online. Depending on what I order I do like to physically pick it up myself though, don't get me started on transport services. I'll travel a few hours if I have to.
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