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Using Roland MT-32 w/ A500 & Gotek ADF Files

Hello everyone!

I have an A500 with a Gotek floppy drive emulator with 16GB USB drive with .adf files. I can run Sierra games, such as Space Quest III, directly from the .adf files on the Gotek. I recently bought a Roland MT-32 and would like to use it for Sierra game sounds. I also have a MIDI interface already connected and tested with the A500 with Music-X, so the MIDI In / Out is good.

When I run the .adf file for Space Quest III from the Gotek, it only asks me if I want to use internal Amiga sounds. After selecting that option, it asks about installing the game to the hard drive, which my A500 doesn't have, and then closes the installer.

What do I need to do to run Sierra games with MT-32 support, such as SQIII, from the Gotek? Can it even be done, or do they absolutely have to be installed on a hard drive for that option? Are special .adf files required for this purpose?

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