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Originally Posted by Dr.Venom View Post
@guest.r Could you add DCI-P3 gamut to the test shader?
Np. Test shader added.

Also I've been running the various profiles and it seems there's only 4 to 5 really distuingishing profiles, so I think we'll end up with 4 or 5 profiles.
Sometimes less is more. I'm quite pleased with this number, must say.

The whitepoint on the CRTs is definitely not a "clean" D(65), even when some CRT specs define it as such. E.g. for D65 it seems the target has been more a CCT of around 6500K, instead of an absolute D65 target. There's definitely a slight hue to them, so maybe ANSI 6500K was targeted instead? Given this whitepoint difference from spec, I was wondering whether it would make sense to split the profiles in separate RGB primary profiles and whitepoints profiles?
There were some differences on the fourth digit od similar, i fixed this in test case. The default white point temperature should be about 6504K now. I double checked my sources...

So instead of 4 to 5 profiles to choose from it would be possible to mix and match the RGB and whitepoint profiles between official specs and the calibrated ones, for a total of 16-25 possibilities. Could that split in two CRT profile parameters be made without a performance penalty and more importantly what would be your preference?
I would rather default the D65 whites and then add the option to change this by recycling the color temperature pass. OTOH i don't know how the 4-5 profiles look like. I can add crt profiles and colorspaces options in the first pass and whites in the second. This would function quite Ok i guess.
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