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If shader gamma in equals gamma out, then you should be OK by setting monitor gamma to 2.2.

If shader gamma out is lower, then you get a darker appearance and increased saturation.

As i mentioned, it's mostly a shader internal thingie, gamma doesn't get forced to the display or similar.

I use display gamma 2.2 and am happy with shader 2.4 in/out. If you use display gamma 2.4, then you might set shader gamma out to 2.2 or similar. One of the reasons i like shader gamma 2.4 internally is that masks 1-4 look better with their default values.

A also like to mention this, that it's important that if you use LCD gamma 2.4, shader output gamma is to be about 10% lower so combos like 2.2/2.0 or 2.0/1.8 work ok.
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