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EAB/Lemon Super League 2019 Round 3: Llamatron

EAB/Lemon Super League 2019 Round 3: Llamatron: 2112

Starts: 12:01 February 24th Finishes: 11:59 March 17th


Post a picture of your score here with the score written underneath. Enter as often as you like.

No cheating of any kind (including score leeching) - this includes save states. No continues/passwords allowed. If you suspect anyone of cheating please let us know in private - anyone found guilty will be banned for the entire season. One player mode only!

If you have two joysticks press fire on the 2nd joystick to start the game and play in dual wield-mode!

Here are settings for WinUAE to play with both analogue sticks when using a PS4-pad (shouldn't be much different for PS2-, PS3- and XBOX-pads):

(Note that "Joy1" is the 2nd joystick, the one to direct your shots.)

Please only post scores on either Lemon or EAB - whatever one you choose is your team for the season (if you haven't chosen already).

Should you manage to get to level 98 (which only very few players will be able to) take a screenshot at the start of it! Continue playing and take another screenshot when you're game over. There are score leeching issues on level 99 so we need to have a screenshot of your level 98-score in case scores get too fishy afterwards (like someone getting much further having lower score than one dying soon after the loop).

Remember, anyone can join in at any time. Have fun and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


- ADF of Amiga Power coverdisk 37
- WHDLoad (on Windows you can unzip LHAs with 7zip)


- Full rules and FAQ (incorporating the Hall of Fame)
- Results and Standings
- Lemon thread


Live League table:

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