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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Can't really imagine why, unless they are leeching everything?
They are most certainly doing that.

A year or two back, I started logging all downloads and importing it to a SQL database. My plan was to make a fun statistics webpage where you could see how many times a file were downloaded, most downloaded file, etc. But the SQL database got so big that after 2 months, it was so big that it got slow to search from. I do not remember the exact size, but one line in the database per downloaded file got to be too much to be useful information =)

Although, most files are small, so not so strange. But then again, ONE directory in the Commodore C64 folder contains over 90.000 files (Had a hard time syncing that to google drive, heh).

Originally Posted by BippyM View Post
I firmly believe all users should have to fulfil certain criteria before being allowed on the ftp.. To stop leeching.

Minimum 15 on topic posts.. That kind of thing.
I agree that would be nice. Problem is that I need some coding on the EAB forums for that. Right now, the forum and FTP are two totally different systems with no communication between them.

If we could move the eabadduser page to a locked webpage on the forum that was only open to users who has 15 posts (or whatever), its easily done, but I can not do that. We need RCK for that and he's not responding to my initial request if the forum can send FTP commands (the register user part is just, log on as "this" user, run "this" command and the user is created, so its pretty easy).

I think we're pretty good right now. Turning off the "ftp" account is the next obvious step, but I think we're good =)

Oh, and here is the difference between a registered and non registered account

| aeromaxx | 11302 | 02:31 | Dn: Commodore Amiga - at 28920.8K/sec |
| ftp | 6725 | 01:04:01 | Dn: AlienBreedTowerAs at 50.1K/sec |
Fun story that..

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