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Originally Posted by BippyM View Post
I firmly believe all users should have to fulfil certain criteria before being allowed on the ftp.. To stop leeching.

Minimum 15 on topic posts.. That kind of thing.

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Agreed have you cast your vote here then: Should the "EAB File Server" be locked down to members only?

As we can see from very recent activity; new members and I'm sure random people (from other Amiga forums that haven't even bothered to join EAB) are probably leeching parts / the whole FTP at some stage or another

Thankfully Turran is on the case with various options

...and to the EAB members that are complaining about slow anonymous speeds; to reiterate Turran's words:

Originally Posted by Turran View Post
So register an account and get the full speed, unrestricted... I don't see the problem?
Personally I also don't see the issue with this

You want access to this awesome resource??? At least have the decency to register on EAB, participate in threads and request your own account...

If not, then you will be forced to use a slower connection or the GoogleDrive; heaven forbid, yeah sooooo harsh
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