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Nope, I thought it was a pretty decent machine, and while the AGA chipset could have been better, it was actually a massive improvement over the OCS and ECS machines, and was far better than just releasing an '020 version of the A600 (despite what some of the strange comments here say). Having a 24-bit palette was excellent for a start, and the overall improvements in speed meant it was a bit less clunky to use for applications than the older machines. And I wasn't into many of the really old games, so much of the gaming I did saw a big boost on the A1200 - things like Frontier, flight sims, Theme Park, Syndicate, Worms, all showed a massive improvement over the A500/600, and even SWOS lost the tiny delays it sometimes had on the A500 when a lot of action was happening in the box.

All of that made it a breath of fresh air over the 500 and 600, and meant it wasn't a disappointment at all. In fact, the only disappointment I had was that I couldn't program it out of the box, since there wasn't a BASIC supplied with it and I didn't know about ARexx at the time. But I read about ARexx and bought Blitz Basic, and that solved that.
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