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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
That particular one has a casing on it to be used externally, but it could be mounted internally. No soldering required, though you would have to be creative about mounting it, and will have to cut chunks out of the A1200's case, which is what I did but not everyone is happy with that approach.

As for audio, if the CD drive doesn't have an audio out, there's nothing for an adaptor to do. You can play CDs through the standard Amiga outputs using software to stream the audio as data, but that's not ideal and won't work with games that use the CD as a soundtrack for example. If that's important for you, you'll probably need a different solution with a full-sized CD-ROM drive and some sort of mixer.

Another thing to bear in mind is that not all CF cards play nicely with other devices on the same bus. Some are hard-wired to be a single master, which I guess is understandable... But it means that it's the luck of the draw as to whether your card will work with an IDE optical drive connected that way.
Yeah, basically I want to run games via the cd rom, some music cds, etc. Scsi drives are pricey I think.Another problem is that I have an easynet aga pcmcia wireless internet card. The software is contained on a cd however, so i cannot set up the internet without a cd drive. Is there a method to rip the files from the cd somehow? But i have a few cd based indie amiga games too, downfall etc. But then I would need a method of transferring files from pc to amiga I suppose. The cf card is my hard-drive. Hmm.. would this help?

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