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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Clockport adaptors just for mixing audio are massively overkill, as they're effectively a complete soundcard just used for mixing capability.

No, the drive you linked to on AmigaKit will not work with your A1200 without some expensive adaptors; it uses Serial ATA, which is mainly intended for newer machines with that type of interface. The Vesalia drive will work, but as you rightly point out, requires an internal connection. Still, it's worth considering as it comes with a cable already set up to take your CF card, and gives you an IDE CD-ROM drive outside your case. Not ideal, but far cheaper than the Squirrel SCSI option. With some plastic surgery it could also be fitted inside the case (I have an A1200 set up this way), but often people don't like this option. Something to bear in mind is that those slimline drives typically don't have a standard audio output.

To mix the audio on an A1200 with the output from the CD drive, you have to use the external audio ports on the A1200 unless you want to do some soldering. Passive mixers like this one are simple and can be used to mix the audio from the Amiga and a CD-ROM drive, but will reduce the overall output level a little. You need the 4-pin analogue CDDA output (which, despite the claims of the previous post, is actually "normal" analogue audio), which is what most drives that have audio out will have. Just have a look when you're buying because some drives have a non-standard connector, or no output at all, especially the slimline 2.5" types.

Alternatively, if your aim is just to play the occasional CD, you can use software such as SongPlayer to stream the audio data over the SCSI or IDE interface and play it through the native Amiga audio output. This will reduce quality a little and require some CPU time so other CPU-heavy activities may cause it to pause or stutter, and it will slow down drive access on that bus, but involves no more than the data connection itself.
So with the slimline vesalia cd rom drive I can just attach it internally? No soldering or mucking about required? I do have an internal cf gaming card, so i can still use this it seems. If the drive does not have a standard audio output, what would you recommend? An adapter of some kind? And will the cables sticking out of the a1200 be a problem? I think there is one opening on the back of the a1200? A little backplate exists there.
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