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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Yeah you're right, it makes no sense to hide these files. But, have you considered using extended file attributes to store this data with the actual file, just like WinUAE does?
Yes, but that's much worse IMHO. That would mean that the attributes usually work, but if you do something like the following, the attributes could be lost:
- Copied / moved files to a removable device with does not support those attributes
- Restoring files from backup might mean attributes are lost (if the backup / restore application does not support it)
- You cannot zip down a set of files with attributes intact and sent to another person (you can now if you just include the .uaem files in the archive).
- It would be (more or less) impossible to have Amiga-attributes on a remove device / networked hard drives shared between multiple operating systems
- and other similar reasons...

I don't mean this as criticism of the the behavior in WinUAE, this is clearly a case where there is no obvious right or wrong, only different solutions with different compromises. I personally think the current approach in FS-UAE gives the best compromise, delivering reliable and predictable operation in many scenarios, with the cost being increased clutter in the host-visible file system.

(A bonus of the *.uaem files is that is is really easy to make tools to read/write metadata. You can even edit the metadata in a text editor (try opening one in notepad )
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