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Castles II: Siege & Conquest - floppy version: does it exist?

Rola from MG recently asked about the existence of the floppy release of Castles II: Siege & Conquest:

Since we have neither covers, nor screenshots, I started to question if it exists. Wikipedia says it wasn't released. Press previews mention 8-9 floppy version, ECS, AGA? Did it have a release or maybe it only got leaked to the public?,2/dgb,8/dgm,173701/

Notably he links to this post by Andreas:

which mentions:

An ECS HD-only version comprising 8 disks is now in TOSEC.

Right now, we don't have anything about a floppy version on HOL and entry for the CD32 version does not mention anything about an unreleased floppy version.

Does anyone have more information about this?

I have checked the current TOSEC set and there is indeed:
Castles II - Siege and Conquest v0.15 (1993-06-28)(Interplay)(Disk 1 of 8)[h TOAD][a][HD]

The version number seems a bit strange so I guess it could indicate that it was not an official release?

Edit: Checked the WHDload slave and no reference to floppy:
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