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Originally Posted by Wepl View Post
The reasoning behind this is that you are maybe don't like to update at this time and the efforts for preloading already done should not be wasted.
What maybe could be changed would be that when clicking on an update button whdload terminates (nearly) and then calls openurl. This way most memory allocated by whdload could be freed and the chance to properly start the webbrowser could be increased.
I realise that this is a non-issue for graphics card users as their browser shouldn't touch the Chipram, but for Chipram-only users, I do think something needs to be changed so that their browser can open reliably. Personally, I find the time taken to load a WHDLoad slave is very short, even on a standard Amiga, so reloading I don't see as a problem personally. Maybe the action could vary depending on the free Chipram available? Also, if people don't want to update then they ought to disable the updates in their whdload.prefs file.
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