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Carlo, it's amazing how much time you spend putting all these distros together, configuring the applications and creating very nice looking icons for them, but I think I'm the wrong person to evaluate your work, since I've not much interest using the AmigaOS or Aros anymore (icon.library included).

I once did or tried that 25 years ago what you are showing in your video clips: playing music, videos, demos (but never games), displaying pictures, connecting to the internet with the first browsers, ftp or email clients. Since the start of the millennium I don't do that anymore. It has no attraction for me to demonstrate what AmigaOS is able to do (now), that's over for long. I use my Mini-PC with the damned Windows 10 for everything today, starting WinUAE just keeps my memories of the good old times alive.

Your new icons are looking great, although I would prefer to have something like a glowing effect for the second images, because that shows much clearer which icons are selected than just a smaller or a different image.
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