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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Yes tested it works with OS3.9 RTG but only with 8Bit though
You can use my 68000 version for Hi/TrueColor WB screens, because that always works with color mapping, but is a little bit slower and misses several features of the higher versions (68020 or TC020). It won't work on Aros 68k!

Could you please explain how to do this thank you
No, better not, just kidding ...

I didn't understand how ProcessIcon works, it can help to change colors temporarily! too bad it doesn't have a GUI this useful application
No, I can't see that. ProcessIcon has an option REMAP for OS 1.3 icons and an option SBP to reduce the number of bitplanes, maybe something like my "Reduce8PlanesTo3". But it has nothing for changing the palette of ColorIcons.

So, what do you really want to do, and with which type of icons?

You could also have a look at VisualPrefs and Prefs/GUI, but I don't know whether that can help you. It can change at least some default colors for GUI elements, unfortunately not the icon label colors.
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