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Back to OpenURL Prefs again...

In my prefs, I have all other browsers disabled and IBrowse at the top of my list.
In the Path description for IBrowse, I have my unique path to IBrowse and then "%u" at the end. It's the "%u" which contains the URL for the slave update and this gets passed onto the command line via the Path you entered previously (in your case for AWeb).

It looks like yours could be:

Workbench/Programs/AWeb/AWeb "%u"

Can you let me know exactly what yours says? If you get sent to the browser homescreen then that implies that it wasn't passed a URL via the "%u". The quotes should be used too around the %u, so don't exclude them.

When you think you have it setup correctly, save the prefs and go to a new shell window and type:

c:openurl ""

...and it should display docs from aminet. Does that work?

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