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Update to icon.library 46.4.543:

1.) For ColorIcons of the type Trashcan the planar images are now only replaced by internal defaults if there was only one image available (ie. Project or Tool from icon sets) and when the tag "PreserveOldIconImages" is set to "False". This should make it possible to create, keep or edit old trashcan icons in IconEdit again.

2.) I've added a new option "Reduce8PlanesTo3" which changes the depth to 3 and PlanePick to 7 for planar icons with 8 planes. That way MWB icons with 256 colors are converted to use the pens 0-7 only. Planar images with 1-7 planes are not changed in order to keep some rare icon sets with 16 colors still working. This new option is an alternative to "KillPlanarImages", "KeepPlanarImages" and the default behavior of my library which usually replaces all images with more than 3 planes by internal icons. Btw, the code for "KeepPlanarImages" was broken since #539 and is fixed again.

PS. Unfortunately, IconEdit of OS 3.9 has the habit to display the first and the last 4 colors of the screen palette for images with 8 colors. That's a bit confusing for MWB icons with 3 planes only.

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