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Building the 500+ using the replica mobo

Hi, I am new to the Amiga scene and started off by building a new Amiga 500+ and of course my question with revolve around seeking support for troubleshooting

The picture of the motherboard with all the components installed

I did not solder any of the jumpers as I do not know what they are for aside from the DFO set to internal.
Tried with 3 different kickstart 1.3, 2.04, 3.14

There was a green screen at first boot which seems to indicate a problem with the chip ram.
I swapped couples of rams and made sure the Fat Agnus is well positioned in the socket.
I couldn't get pass that screen so I reduced the number of ram chips to make it 512kb.
After checking the solder joints for each socket and resitting the chips a new screen came up with "Not enough memory"

I thought I might be on the right path but now I only get a yellow screen directly after boot or changing from a green screen.

What else have I tried? swapped couples of the original chips that I could spare such as both CIAs, Paula, Denise, CPU.
I do not have a spare Agnus or Gary to try.
Most chips are warm by touch aside from the ram chips and Gary which remain cold.
I do have spare logic gates that I could swap but have not tried that yet.

Any suggestions on what I could try next?

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