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Originally Posted by WAKD View Post
Hi. Thanks for your advice. Sadly, I still have the same problem. Although the instructions I followed worked in PP the buttons on top of the IFF image did not show their intended colours. They are still affected by the IFF image. Using different versions of AMOS gives different results but, again the IFF image still affects the bob buttons which are saved as abk.
So far this is what I have found:
Easy Amos will not do what I want graphics wise
Amos Pro does display the IFF correctly and the buttons colours are now there apart from green and white is missing.

I have tried Personal Paint and although the procedures work for that program, AMOS still doesnt give me the button colours. I even re-drew the button bobs under 32 resolution on the bob editor. Again, no change. I then tried changing the colour in the code i.e. screen open 0,320,256,16,lowres or screen open 0,320,256,32,lowres and still no change.
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