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Originally Posted by jurassicman View Post
Hi guys, Am I the only one having issues with the ipf of Super Methane Bros?
When I try to install the game with WHDLoad the installation fails reading the last track of disk "B" for a "checksum error" (actually something similar, maybe "no sync" or so, I don't remember exactly what DIC says but it says that the installation has failed).
I got the Kryoflux dump from the zone and checked both disk.

On Disk 1 there is a MFM track on 79.1.
On Disk 2 there is a RATT 1800 copy protection on 79.0.

I generated two IPF test images which should be written back for a
check. They should be not spreaded before testing them. If anybody want to
do this, send me a PM.
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