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Re: WHDLoad!

Originally posted by Codetapper
Andreas: Why didn't you just look at the WHDLoad version which has the title picture and was released 18-Dec-2001? It's guaranteed not to have credits defaced either! (Just be careful to get the original disk image as it also supports the cracked version).
Why? Because I don't have it.

Also a lot of Hi-Tec and Zeppelin games had no credits - you might be lucky doing a hex search through the binary to find the programmers but I wouldn't count on it for this game.
Already done that ... at least I found out the cracker for mtb's version that way.

I'll ask the original supplier if the manual has anything in it.
Thanks ... that would indeed be a good idea!
(Although I too memorize the suppliers' names in the readme's, I usually refrain from mailing them except in case of emergency.)
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