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Question hard drive question

hi guys....

ive just stripped down my recently resurrected (dug out of storage after 7 years) a1200 and noticed it is fitted with an 85mb Seagate 2.5" drive.

i have lying around a 2.5" IBM travelstar 6.4gb from a dead laptop, can i fit this to the amiga?

also, the IBM drive is partitioned and formatted to NTFS, is this going to be a prob? can the amiga see upto 6.4gb? can i perform a "low level" format type operation on the amiga?

sorry for the newbiedom.... but when i used to use my amiga, i knew virtually nothing about the amigas hardware & OS, just enough to play games and run apps. however, 12 yrs later, and several years of PC hardware/software support later....... im looking back at the old days with a different light.... hehe.

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