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Lag/synchro problem

I've tried to play WinUAE-Kaillera with a friend today and we had a slight problem. We played Speedball2 and it was quite choppy (on my computer, it ran between 37 and 42 fps). It was quite playable despite the lag, but the problem is not there :

- in the game menu, we were synchronized
- in the gymnasium menu (where you upgrade your players), we were too
- but in the game... I don't know what happened : it was like we didn't play against each other but like we were doing a totally diffrent game, as on my side I won 52-0 and on his side, he won 120-0
- after the game, back to the gymnasium, we were synchro

We were on segaclassics server, I had a ping of about 80, my friend about 60.

So, what could lead to this behaviour and how to correct it ? Is there something special to do in order to play at a correct fps ? We tried to set the connection speed to each setting (from LAN to bad) with no change...

We used the latest WinUAE-Kaillera version avaliable on the website (in the about window, it says WinUAE 0.8.22, release 1, xp2 beta 2, kaillera client 0.9.
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