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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
No, I mean the CRC should be 32bits (4 bytes) long like AABBCCDD, yours is AABBCCDDE so half a byte more at 36 bits

Hoodlums crack is compressed with Crunchmania but it appears to only work with 2 disk drives as it doesn't show the 'B' prompt if Disk B is in DF1!
I don't know how to respond, you are way more "Amiga" technical than me so I trust what you say

...but on the other hand, I also trust Belgarath and know that he (and the many GameBase Amiga followers) test games to the full meaning he / they have probably tested this set to completion

I also work hard to try to get the best available sets for games and have done so since 2005... Clearly my old choice of disks wasn't great (and thankfully you pointed that out which I'm very grateful for; otherwise) but again IMHO; when in doubt trust GameBase Amiga

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