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Think I've sorted it!

Checked SPS 1107 and that has the same size 'imp' file as mine, 118224 bytes! Checked crack and it's compressed with Crunchmania and original with propack, both unpack to 268236 bytes, DOH!! Recrunched my imp file with Titanics Crucncher 1.2 so it doesn't unpack whole file in memory and now the Classic Version works with the default WinUAE A500 config and accepts Disk B with/without one drive!! So it seems like a ProPack issue with how it uses memory, easily fixed by recompressing the file with Cruchmania or TC12, and no doubt PowerPacker!

Arnie, you need to select Classic Version from the menu and it will ask for Disk B, but original IPF won't work for the above reasons unless 1mb chip is used!


Seems Crunchmania and PowerPacker still suffer issues with Classic Version and Disk B using 512kb Chip / Slow Ram! PowerPacker loads then Gurus with only one drive after inserting Disk B, with Disk B in DF1 at boot and also if inserting in DF1 at the 'B' prompt so basically using PowerPacker won't work! Crunchmania will only work with disks in DF0 and DF1!! Only thing I can think off is loading the 'B' graphic causes a memory issue?

Titanics Cruncher 1.2 is the only way Classic Version will work with any combination of disks/drives/ram so that's what I'm using!

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