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Impossible Mission 2025, WinUAE, A500 and Classic Version problem!

Have this as an original (A500/A600 version) so made ADF's with my Kryoflux and use those, but can anyone get the Classic Version working on the default A500 QS configs in WinUAE?

Game says it needs a 1mb A500/A600 but, in the A500 512kb chip + 512kb slow configs if I disable DF1 and only use DF0 the game doesn't acknowledge Disk B when it's asked for, if both drives enabled and both disks inserted it will load off Disk B in DF1 but then guru?

None of the A500 512kb + 512kb slow ram configs seem work? I can only get it to load in the A500 1.3 ECS 1mb chip ram config and in the A600 basic config with only 1 drive as that's 1 mb chip as well. Exactly the same thing happens on my real A500 with 1.3 and 512kb chip + 512kb trapdoor ram, game won't recognise Disk B when no external drive used and Gurus using 2 drives?

So is this a 1mb CHIP ram only game?
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