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If you really want to include demos that work with plain fast ram expansion (without 68030 not required), better put them in separate thread.

Later there could be also 3rd 68030 required category. (68040/060 required: No.)

Note that it may be not be that easy to find out if demo works with 68020 but requires 68030 (68020 would be too slow = slowdowns or glitches) or it only works with 68020.. (68030 too fast or glitches..). I am not going to do that!

68020 and 68030 instruction set is practically identical (exceptions being MMU instructions, that demos don't use, and some differences in MOVEC special registers, that demos rarely touch)

Don't also forget some "aga" demos that also work with OCS or ECS but require 68020/030 CPU only.

It can get messy..
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