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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Conformism (Trackmo) by Vega

A500 ECS (most common) ... part title screen (pic.1) -> some holes on a dots flag screen -> pic.2 !!!
A500 confirmed.

First Intro (Demo) by Violent Wave

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... dash & dots ... pic.3 !!!
A500 confirmed.

Instant Thing (Intro) by Visdom

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... scrolltext twitching on ECS !!!
A500 confirmed. Sets ECS-only display position bits as usual.

Vertical Pulse (Demo) by Visdom

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... pic.4 !!!
A500 confirmed.

Ace Ball (Crack Intro) by Wanted Team

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... rotating cube occasionally disappears from screen in CE mode !!! (It doesnt happen if CE=OFF.)
Flickering and other glitches A500 confirmed. Probably never tested with A500.

First Attempt
(Demo) by Wave

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... end scroller ... pic.5 !!!
A500 confirmed.

I think I can finally say that chipset and 68000 CPU is now practically 100% (minus stupid bugs) cycle-exact and biggest remaining problems are: blitter register modifications while active and reading write-only registers that isn't correctly emulated yet.

Thanks for finding HUGE amounts of test cases (the more there is similar test cases, the easier it is to solve).

(Of course next problem you find is something unexpected..)
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