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EDIT: Turnips-PsychoMedium4 now works better but left side of the box is wrong.

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
JBliss-Out (Demo) by Ukonx

A500 ECS 1mb ... pic.1 !!!
A500 confirmed. (I'd really like to say something about technical quality of this demo but it is christmas )

Digital Stagnation (Demo) by United Lamers

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... on demo part called - see pic.2 - something strange appear - see pic.3 !!!

Megademo (Megademo) by United Lamers

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... a little strange: F1 part1 ... pic.4 ?!

Roxette (Demo) by United Lamers

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... pic.5 !!!
And again confirmed. (All other glitches in above 3 also matches..)

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