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i'm going to reply to the PM here just so theres a record for future people going through what i have.

Given what we now know about the cf cards, what do you think would happen if we used say, gparted or something, to resize a 4GB CF card to 1GB? id rather it just worked for the minute and order the correct size card later.

While i understand 4GB cards can have different tech than stuff smaller than 2GB, but at the end of the day, if the 4GB works, just slow, then it seems to me that its the amount of space the CF card has that the emiga is struggling with, not the hardware itself (although it could be 50/50). Mayve you could resize a 4GB card into a 1GB partiion (and threeGB of unused space, as i doubt the amiga can get its head around a multiple-partitioned CF card) and then see if that loads any quicker? for the minute im just trying this .zip, no luck as of around 5 minutes.
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