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Hmm, it seems like even with the components disabled it's still very slow to load, I'm starting to think there is something in Classic Workbench that doesn't like Akira's boot Disk, I put a standard Workbench install and it booted really fast!

It shouldn't be a Ram issue anymore because we know there should be about 600k free after booting from my previous tests.

I'm going to leave it for a little while and see if it boots, it's been a few mins already so not holding up hope.

You're going to need to install Workbench 2.1 with ADF's in WinUAE from scratch and then install everything you need to write ADF's, unless we can figure out what the hold up is

Anyway, at least you can be pleased to know there's nothing wrong with Miggy!



It booted, after about 5 mins so at least it's faster after disabling the components!

@Thread - Anyone have any idea what could be holding up the booting? I have 0.5mb free Ram after I get into Workbench so lack of Ram isn't the issue!

Thanks in advance...

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