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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
For some reason the archive hansel75 Zoned for you had an empty (or corrupt) HDF, after restoring it with the files from Ppill's original release of Comfy I was able to boot without the 'Not a Dos Disk' error.
Hi, that hdf was blank on purpose to install whatever you wanted into it.

From Ppil himself- "a600_cf.hdf is a blank, preformatted hdf file. Use WinUAE to install any AmigaOS version that would work on a real a600, dump the adf file to a floppy and that's it."

It was basically a blank canvas to work with and didn't contain any WB files in it for copyright reasons. You could copy an activated CWB setup into it though and it should be fine, but i won't confuse matters anymore as Fitzsteve seems to be on track.


Edit- To save confusion, there also seems to be 2 versions of Comfy, the original version Fitzsteve linked to with the ADF writing utilities built into it-
And a modified one meant for a normal CWB installation that Ppil made up for me, to enable booting a boot floppy that then redirects to the pcmcia card-

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