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Right! I think I can help you

Ppill's comfy works just fine on my A600:

As you can see here, so hopefully it should work on yours too!

For some reason the archive hansel75 Zoned for you had an empty (or corrupt) HDF, after restoring it with the files from Ppill's original release of Comfy I was able to boot without the 'Not a Dos Disk' error.

Do you have a copy of that Boot.adf on a real floppy? If not I can write you one and post it to you.

I can dropbox the HDF file for you, all you'll need to do is copy the HDF to your Fat formatted CF card (keep your ADF's in the root of the CF) and boot from the Floppy Disk, it loads just like below and you can use TSGui to write your Disks, as you can see it get's a bit tight on Ram after loading TSGui but I think I can free up some

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