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Hello there, I found this thread interesting as there is something related to what I'm wondering to have "the perfect emulation" at least the best possible amiga feeling.
I'm using a LCD Monitor Samsung SyncMaster 225MV which works @ 60Hz.
I noticed that I had the perfect smoothness using the low latency VSync. the video was the most fluid experience I ever had with WinUAE.
The problem is that using this option, WinUAE runs at 60Hz while the game I'm using (Kick Off 2, just for the records) is a PAL game designed to work at 50 Hz, so basically the game is faster than the original one the emulation works at 120%.
You could (rightly) say to use the FPS adj to 50, the problem is that this option has the side effect to reduce the smoothness of the video emulation.
Is there any solution to have the emulation smooth without to buy a new monitor which support 50/100 Hz?
Thanks for your time
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