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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Then again, the 386 was an SX (did they even make a 386DX?)
At the beginning only 386 was present - later they (Intel) add cheaper 386 with external 16 bit data bus ie SX, normal 386 was named DX (due full 32 bit bus) - later 486 was available as SX and DX but only one difference was lack of the FPU unit (on 486SX disabled on die - faulty silicon area and introduced 487 CPU with modification that required 486 on MoBo anyway)

Originally Posted by OverDose View Post
That reminds me of the friend who went for the higher clocked 386 over a 486, because more megahertz = faster. This is something that still hasn't gone away, entirely (like comparing a Pentium 3.2GHz against an i7 2GHz).
386DX 40MHz was comparable to 486SX 20 - 25MHz
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